3 Math Video Games for Wii

1. Wii Music

Math and music altogether, and it is challenging to learn one without absorbing the fundamentals of other. Wii Music lets anyone to try a musical instrument and create their own tunes utilizing Wii Balance Board and Remote. Players can make their own beats, jam with other players and improvise the music content. The game delivers with over 60 instruments that can be tried with Wii remote and nunchunk navigators. Players can also distribute their artwork and communicate with other creators through WiiConnect24. It is not pose math problems to be solved yet learning beat counts and implementing together musical tracks encourages the mathematical skills. A teacher or parent can also easily combine math and learning into game by posing musical adventure for the player, for example creating a music with a 4/4 drum beat.

2. Geometry Wars : Galaxies

Geometry Wars : galaxies is an astounding learning game exist for he Wii. Simply an educational as well as fun game, Geometry Wars encourages players to maintain their war ship alive by destroying enemy objects. Although mainly geared as an entertainment subject, the game made players to learn to steer in 360 degrees and become familiar with a different shape of geometrical forms.

3. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

In educational video games for the Wii console, Big Brain Academy : Wii Degree is one of the best. As sequel to Big Brain Academy the game challenges’ provided includes solving problem in memory, analysis, number crunching, quick thinking and visual recognition. It is rated for ages 5 and up, despite its challenges level might be a bit harder for the average five to six year old.

Big Brain Academy : Wii Degree can be played in multiplayers with up to eight players or in solo mode. Players who scores can trade it with other players through WiiConnect24 so that players have chance to stack up to the competition. The game gives plenty of educational substance in the area of math. One of the substances is the Balloon Burst mini-game, in which your kids can pop balloons in numerical order. To encourage kids for liking math this game is probably the best bet for the reason.

That's the 3 Math video games for Wii, Geometry Wars : galaxies, Wii Music, Big Brain Academy : Wii Degree. Don't let math ruin the good day to learn!

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