5 Educational Video Games for Kids

1 Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy give attractive challenges your kids to solve and then, relying how well they do, tells them their probable brain weight. In the version of Nintendo DS, kids can exercise, play compete with their friend, or get straight to business measuring their brain weight in test mode. Questions fall into five types: Analyze, Identify, Math, Memory and Think.

The Wii version is quiet the same, with some modifications to categories and a lot more gameplay selections. You kids can try solo or select among the three multi-player options for playing against friends through the internet. Mind Sprint is a head-to-head version of the game where right answers permit players to progress on a track. Mental Marathon is team player version, while the Brain Quiz is a time-based version.
2 My Word Coach

Another favorite educational video game in the style of Big Brain Academy is My Word Coach, which teaches your children new words to enhance their vocabulary. The game comprises four multiplayer games and six solo player exercises, providing four virtual coaches with different attitudes that track your kids’ advancement in real time. And if you like to have your children to learn other languages, you can choose other variant of the game such as My Spanish Coach or My Chinese Coach.
  • My Word Coach video game is available for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS , iPhone or iPad console.
  • Don’t have a video game console yet? Take a look for Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS
3. uDraw Studio

In order to work properly this game need to be bundled with uDraw Game tablet software. In Painting mode, players can paint their own masterpieces from scratch using the several brush sizes, effects, colors, and stamps. But the enjoyment doesn’t stop when the painting is finished. The whole painting activity can be saved and replayed whenever you like, or you can capture a snapshot of your kid’s artwork to be printed and attached on a fridge.

In Coloring Book mode, kids can select from coloring pages categorized by types. This mode gives the same tools as Painting mode, and young artists can again save the whole coloring activity. Before uDraw Studio: Instant Artist, there was uDraw Pictionary for the Nintendo Wii, which utilizes the same GameTablet to enable a great method to play a classic game. With different levels of difficulty, the whole family can have fun playing.
4. Little Big Planet2

Another educational video game that stimulates creativity is LittleBigPlanet 2, where your kids practice their minds by solving puzzles, making a world, and distributing their creations with a larger society. Acknowledge the different levels with Sackboy, a loveable sock toy kids can customize with stickers, costumes, or other items they win in-game (some of which can only be won with other players’ assistance, expanding the social sense of gameplay).

LittleBigPlanet 2 stimulates children’s imagination by providing them the force to make levels not in the usual gameplay. Children can upload the levels they made to the game’s society on the PlayStation Network, where other players can write feedbacks, comment on these levels, and share links to them on social networks.
  • Check for Little Big Planet2 games which is available for PlayStation3 console.
  •  Don’t have a video game console yet? Take a look for Playstation3 
5. Sesame Street : Once Upon a Monster

This educational video game utilizes Microsoft Kinect’s camera to record the movements of your kids and see them on screen. A video game storybook, each chapter of Once Upon a Monster provides a monster with an issue that Cookie Monster and Elmo (played by your kid and you) have to solve. These chapters are a series of mini games like snag races where your child’s physique serves as the controller, stimulating teamwork and activity.
Whether you opt to play with your children or watch them overcome challenges that seemed impossible at the beginning, you can be ascertained that any one of these educational video games will be a valuable investment.

When your kids finish at any one of the tests or puzzles these educational video games has to offer, they’ll not only have gained a sense of achievement but also learn something new through the gaming experience.